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Worth waiting for blueLMband


  • To help young people to be healthy, happy, holy and sexy!
  • To provide value-based sexuality education – by the use of relevant and reliable facts and information – to teenagers and help them appreciate and understand the gift of sex and its role within marriage.
  • To combat the spread of HIV/AIDS by promoting abstinence as an alternative to the safe-sex option.

LoveMatters takes place in a completely non-judgmental setting and is aimed at young people who:

  • Want a better understanding of their own sexuality.
  • Desire to grow free to say NO to negative peer pressure.
  • Are looking for a 100% effective, safe and non-costly way to avoid the enormous risk of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, as well as premature pregnancies.
  • Are keen to be part of the post-AIDS generation and set new trends for modern teens.
  • Wish more support in their commitment to true values.
  • Yearn to be affirmed in their resolution to save sex for marriage.
  • Want reasons why they should not be sexually active in their teens.
  • May have made poor choices but want to make a fresh start.
  • Wish to lay solid foundations for their future marriage/vocation in life.


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